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[LYKKE] Morandi Chopsticks Set

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[LYKKE] Morandi Chopsticks Set

Made with:

High-density polymer and fibreglass alloy.

Available Colours:

White, Off-White, Walnut, Maroon or Black.

Size (Diameter, Height):

Diameter (CM)Height (CM)
0.9 (each chopstick)27.2


No assembly required.

Stock availability:

Ready stocks.

Delivery Timeline:

3-7 days.

Care Note:

Before first time use, clean with dishwashing liquid and rinse with tap water before usage for hygiene purposes. If you need to rid of any smell, rub the chopsticks with orange peels before cleaning and rinsing.

For everyday use, clean with dishwashing liquid and rinse with tap water. For harder stains, soak in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid for 15-20 mins or so. Wipe dry to avoid bacteria or mold growth.


Inspired by the Morandi colour palette, the set of 5 pairs of chopsticks comes in various muted colours. The chopsticks are made with high-density polymer and fibreglass alloy, designed to be long lasting and both anti-bacteria and anti-mold penetration. The chopstick tips are also textured for a firmer grip of food.

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