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[LUXO] Marble Dessert Fork

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[LUXO] Marble Dessert Fork

Made with:

Acrylic and stainless steel.

Available Colours:

Amber Marble, Pink Marble, Black Marble or White Marble.

Size (Length, Width):

ShapeLength (CM)Width (CM)
Set of 3 (Triangle)12.82.1
Set of 3 (Circle)12.82.1
Set of 3 (Hexagon)
Set of 3 (Square)


No assembly required.

Care Note:

Before first time use, clean with dishwashing liquid and rinse with tap water before usage for hygiene purposes. If you need to rid of any smell, rub the chopsticks with orange peels before cleaning and rinsing.

For everyday use, clean with dishwashing liquid and rinse with tap water. For harder stains, soak in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid for 15-20 mins or so. Wipe dry to avoid bacteria or mold growth. Avoid using steel scrubbing balls or pads to prevent scratches and drop of colour.


What speaks of class more than a combination of brass and marble? Dazzle your guests and serve up your desserts with these dessert forks. The forks are made with brass electro plated stainless steel which is resistant to stains, rust and more. The tips are topped with beautiful marble design acrylics.

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