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[LOFTRUM] Industrial Open Display Shelf

S$ 300.00
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[LOFTRUM] Industrial Open Display Shelf

Made with:

Solid wood and iron.

Available Colours:


Size (Length, Width, Height):

Length (CM)
Width (CM)
Height (CM)
A80251201 small, 2 large
B80251602 small, 2 large
C80252002 small, 2 large
D80252402 small, 2 large
E120251602 small, 3 large
F120252003 small, 3 large
G120252402 small, 4 large
H160251602 small, 4 large
I160252003 small, 4 large
J160252404 small, 5 large
K200252003 small, 5 large
L200252403 small, 7 large
M240252006 small, 6 large
N240252404 small, 8 large
O280252006 small, 7 large
P280252406 small, 9 large
Q320252008 small, 8 large
R320252408 small, 10 large


Assembly included.


The shelf is standalone and does not come with mounting or mounting services to the wall. If you require mounting to the wall for additional reinforcement, please consult with your interior designer or handyman.


The open display shelf is a must-have for anyone looking to feature their prized possessions. The shelf is made with a sturdy iron frame that is coated with matte finishing as well as beautiful solid wood boxes for shelving. The shelf is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and even offices. With the industrial outlook, you can wonderstruck any guest who walks into the room.

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