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  • Hexagon - Black (42x46x10.5cm) - 0.95kg.JPG
  • Hexagon - Gold (42x46x10.5cm) - 0.95kg.JPG
  • Rectangular - Black (38x25x10.5cm) - 0.7kg.JPG
  • Rectangular - Gold (38x25x10.5cm) - 0.7kg.JPG
  • Round - Black (37x37x10.5cm) - 0.7kg.JPG
  • Round - Gold (37x37x10.5cm) - 0.7kg.JPG

[MINIMALISTE] Metal Framing Wall Shelving

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[MINIMALISTE] Metal Framing Wall Shelving

Made with:

Tin and wood.

Available Colours:

Black or Gold.

Size (Length, Width, Height):

TypeLength (CM)Width (CM)Height (CM)Planks Length (CM)
Round3710.53717, 17
Hexagon4210.54623, 19, 11.5
Rectangular3810.52538, 12




Minimalistic and yet elegant, the wall shelving adds a layer of accent to any artistic ornaments you own. Available in black or gold, a choice to be subtle or prominent; as well as round, hexagon and rectangular shapes.

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